Chroma key

Chroma key Image-Video Creator

▶ Select an image or video from your phone or use a live camera to remove the green, blue or red background using the chroma key technique.

▶ You can apply red, blue, or green colors for the chroma key effect.

▶ After using the chroma key effect let you change the background of your image or video that is available in our app and you can also add a custom background image.

▶ Chroma key Image-Video Creator application is a free app that offers a bunch of features such as changing the video background with color, containing thousands of colors to choose from as well as gradient color, selecting your favorite one, and changing your camera video, image background with it.

💠 How to use our application :

1. The select option you want to add chroma key effect (image, video, camera)
2. After that app will automatically apply the green screen effect you can also change the chroma key color to red and blue.
3. Now change the background of your image or video by clicking on the image icon on the bottom right corner or adding a custom background image
4. You can also set a custom gradient color as a background in your video or image
5. Now Download your creation with one click!!!

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